Isabel Fernandez

<p>Hello! My name is Izzy (they/them) and I’m a senior studying anthropology at Indiana University. Within anthropology, I’m particularly interested in storytelling, intersectionality, and modern concepts of gender. I am studying overseas as a part of the IES Dublin- Irish Studies program in the Fall of 2021. I’m excited to share my adventures and discoveries during my time in Dublin. In my free time, I enjoy listening to alternative music, reading the same 4 books over and over again, and attempting to learn random languages before getting distracted after a few weeks.</p>

2021 Fall
Home University:
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

Blogs by Isabel Fernandez

Isabel Fernandez,

Leap, Co. Cork; Finding Little Homes

On a short getaway from Dublin to Cork, I found stronger friendships, creative inspiration, and a new little home in the beloved green hills of Irish ballads.

Isabel Fernandez,

Joining the City of Writers

One of my goals in traveling to Dublin was to make some sort of progress on creative work. I can’t overstate how much I would recommend writing as a daily...

Isabel Fernandez,

Dublin Odyssey: An Anxious Prelude

I’m hopelessly excited to leave for Dublin soon but I can’t deny the slow creep of anxiety that’s settled into my chest. Anxious is my default setting so this...