Gracie Weinstein

<p>Hello, my name’s Gracie Weinstein and I am a junior studying political science and journalism. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to write and have always tried to use my writing to tell stories with others about some of the best, or maybe worst, experiences in my life. I believe in the power of words and the ability it has to connect strangers with one another through their experiences, whether they are shared experiences or not. Writing humanizes people, and helps others relate to them — it cuts down on barriers such as physical appearances (how one’s life looks) and allows for strangers to understand each other. Whether or not those who read my work or see my posts have themselves studied abroad or plan to study abroad, documenting each scary, fun, jaw-dropping, or brand new experience I encounter is so special to share with them. I am very much looking forward to sharing my next few months abroad with others, and hopefully inspire them to make the same decision that I did. Ciao!</p>

2022 Spring
Home University:
Indiana University
Elmhurst, IL
Journalism, Political Science

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Gracie Weinstein,

And that was all she wrote.

My time in Italy and Europe as a whole is over after all these months. I've shared stories and advice and just my general thoughts on here for the past 115 days...

Gracie Weinstein,

100 Days of Gratitude

Spring break is over and our time abroad is approaching that time too. As great as home sounds right now, this time is making all of us reminisce and gain some...

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Burnt out? So are we, that's okay.

Traveling every weekend is exciting and a dream come true for so many people — and we're incredibly lucky to experience this. But what happens when you travel...

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Open when you're feeling overwhelmed

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411 on Traveling While Abroad

This week marks a month since arriving in Milan, Italy. Although I've fallen in love with the city, each weekend brings new opportunities for adventure in other...

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Only The Beginning, Milan.

I've officially been in Milan for a little over a week, and while that isn't much time to experience a brand new city, I already feel a sense of belonging and...

Gracie Weinstein,

Leaving the Nest For a Second Time

My trip to Milan, Italy is nearing and the last few details are being finalized, but there's no avoiding the inevitable fear and anxiety. As I prepare to leave...