Emma Ropski

<p>Hi all! My name is Emma Ropski and I&#39;m a senior sociology and psychology major at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I am a middle distance runner on the track and field team there and love it to bits. My interests include the sociological imagination, thrifting, lifting, daytime judge shows, and gorditas. I am so excited to share my study abroad experience in Barcelona with you!</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Hope College
Psychology, Sociology

Blogs by Emma Ropski

Emma Ropski,

The Abroad Balancing Act

How many of the ten sides can you keep propped up at once? How time management and goals create the “typical” abroad experience

Emma Ropski,

Trials and Triumphs

You´re not insulated from life while studying abroad! Sharing some lessons and blessin´s, valleys and hills, highs and lows.