Avery Trinidad

Hey there! I'm Avery Trinidad, a junior majoring in Sociology and concentrating in Global Studies over at Williams College! I think long walks by the beach are an unironic fun time, have made a hobby of writing songs with ukulele accompaniment, and have an apparent talent for making eggs. I'm a big ol' New York native, with a booming voice and headstrong attitude to boot. Though born and raised in Manhattan, I've had the opportunity to take German as a third language since my freshman year of high school. I'm looking forward to documenting my experiences in Berlin, especially after it emerges from such a tumultuous time in not only its own history, but the world's! Bis bald!

2021 Fall
Home University:
Williams College
New York, NY

Blogs by Avery Trinidad

Avery Trinidad,

Urban Epilogue

On being back home in New York, being away from Berlin, and the nature of Study Abroad.

The view from a bridge over the Spree.
Avery Trinidad,

A Worldly City

A short reflection on my first week in Berlin, a city of immigrants, the world, and good food.

A picture of a cow grazing on a hill in Williamstown, MA.
Avery Trinidad,

On Names and Airline Databases

On how Lufthansa's database misinterpreted my middle name as a salutation, and how the cultural differences in how we're named reflect the beauty and diversity...