Amber Leitham

<p>My name is Amber Leitham and I am from Pennsylvania State University, currently living out my dream of studying abroad in Rome, Italy. My whole family has gone to Penn State including my father, mother, uncle, and both of my older brothers; so to say I bleed blue is an understatement. I absolutely love my everyday life as a student. I am currently studying Security Risk Analysis under the College of Information Science and Technology. I decided to take most of my general study classes, like art and history, abroad to fully immerse myself in the cultural experience. looking for. I hope to use the skills I learn from studying in a foreign country to further my development in the real world.<br><br>Growing up I was involved in a lot of different activities including eight different clubs in high school, lacrosse, cheerleading, and theater. From being a part of these organizations I have developed the social skills needed to pursue life out of high school. Now being a part of organizations in college like the Gamma Tau Phi Honors Society and the Association of Women in Computer, I hope to educate myself to the fullest academically and socially. This abroad experience will be essential to shaping myself into the successful, young woman I aspire to become.<br><br>Being a college student during the pandemic has been a challenge. I have had to overwork many obstacles to maintain my grades and my health. This Spring semester I have got the chance to study abroad in Rome and am beyond excited to do so. I love to travel and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue my education in a different cultural setting!</p>

2022 Spring
Home University:
Penn State University
Collegeville, PA

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