To a World of Non-Strangers

Yupeng Wu
August 24, 2019
Granada Sunset at Alhambra

Hi beautiful strangers and potential friends,

I am Yupeng Wu, a rising junior at Bryn Mawr College, studying Anthropology and History of Art. I will be sharing my experience in Granada, Spain on this blog in the next few months.

I just went on a trip with my family recently. It was the second time I got to see my parents in the past year. The trip was short but sweet. On my flight back alone, I came across a quote by Sally Wen Mao, a Chinese American poet:

“But dear universe, if I can recognize her face under this tunnel of endless shadows against the luminance of all that is extinct and oncoming, then I am not a stranger here.”

Having just said goodbye to the people I love, it just struck me that I, a stranger to a city that is half a world away from home, am not so much of a stranger here, or anywhere I go.

One of the intentions I set for myself in 2019 is to embrace my vulnerabilities. A friend of mine once said that one only becomes a strong person when they start to accept their flaws and insecurities. True. There’s nothing more human and real than vulnerabilities. Especially true for me, someone who has always been independent and headstrong. As a woman, I feel the constant need to fake strong and conceal any sign of weakness. In the past few months, I came to realize that this is not a healthy balance for me, since doing so constantly consumes me and keeps me from connecting with people I care about. By allowing myself the space to be vulnerable and honest, I am allowing myself the space to grow and expand.

The next few months will be an opportunity to experiment with my intention. Going in with little expectations and zero acquaintances, Granada will be the place for me to discover bits of myself and to create memories with other beautiful human beings. I want to wander, to create, to smile at strangers, to get lost in the city, to make decisions and not regret them, and to expand my story.

I can almost see myself a few months from now, braver, more confident, and grateful for the experience. Can’t wait to see what’s about to unfold.

To the city of orange trees and golden light, to the food to be savored and the views to be seen, and to a world full of strangers and non-strangers. Hasta pronto, querida Granada, my sweet home for the next few months:)

Warm wishes,


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