Showing the family around Germany.

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July 17, 2017

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile I have been busy with family visiting. About a week and a half ago my mom and two sisters came to visit me in Germany. We had the chance to catch up a bit after not seeing them since the beginning of February when I left to study abroad. During the time they were here we had the chance to travel around South West Germany, including the cities of Baden Baden, Heidelberg, Mainz, and Freiburg. We even did a day trip to Colmar, France, a city near Freiburg.  When my family visited Freiburg I served as official tour guide and translator. I also served a bit of the translator role in the other cities but found that the other cities always had English menus, and we ran into one restaurant in Freiburg which did not have an English menu. It was definitely interesting serving as translator, and it was my first time doing so because prior to my family visiting all the people I hung out with knew at least some German or were fluent.  


It was interesting seeing Freiburg as I saw it in my first week, here again, more as a tourist, while now I see it more as home. Memories came back to me of seeing the Münster, Schlossberg, and Old Town for the first time, where now I see it as an everyday thing, which I still love seeing, and not ready to leave. While they were here visiting, I was also able to show them a bit of the city including some of my favorite places including the Schlossberg, where we hiked up to the top, the Münstermarkt, and the Altstadt. I also showed them some of my favorite places to eat, where they tried various German specialties including the Freiburger Lange Rote, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake), Flammkuchen, and Käsespätzle. We, unfortunately, did not get to see everything in Freiburg due to being only there for a day and a half, but I had the chance to show them some of the highlights of the city, and they seemed to enjoy it.


While showing them around I also had the realization that my time in Freiburg is slowly coming to an end. I officially have under two weeks remaining. The study abroad semester in Freiburg went extremely fast, and I do not think I am ready to leave yet.

Yocom Yocom

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