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Sep 25 12:32pm

It Just Keeps Getting Better! (I'm Lying)

Post by Aliya Sayani

Never in a million years did I think I would experience homesickness...well here we are.

Sep 23 4:23pm

The Disappointing, the Unexpected, and the Surprising

Post by Zuni Rubio

Confronting my expectations of the city, what were the things that disappointed me, were unexpected, and surprised me?

Sep 22 2:26pm

Mourning a Monarch

Post by Emma Hughes

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th - my third day in London. Already feeling like an alien, I watched the people around me react to the kind of loss I never have, and likely never will, see again.

Sep 22 12:59pm

My First Impression of Amsterdam: A City Easy on the Eyes

Post by Emma Basco

Bikes on bikes on bikes. An organized mountain range of bicycles, from the shiny and new to the chained and rusted, piled beside the train station.

Sep 20 5:30pm

Pancakes for Dinner?

Post by Grace Heaton

Pro-tip: one of the best ways to make friends abroad is to make pancakes for them.

Sep 19 10:21am

Entry Two - Leaving The Snow Globe