The Anticipation

Victoria Nieto
February 24, 2014

My two months of preparation have seemed like a journey in itself–a journey towards another journey if you will.  Between the road trips and shopping trips, working as a babysitter for four beautiful children, and spending time with my family, the day has finally arrived.  Tomorrow I will be boarding an eleven hour flight out of JFK and landing in Buenos Aires at approximately 4:40AM.

Battling with my procrastination tendencies, I am still not packed as I write this.  Some may call me crazy, but I, as delusional as it may be, like to call it living in the moment.  I have been home for two months and I like to think I have spent most days wisely.  Of course Netflix has taken me to the dark side on some days, however I have used this time off to take a deep breath and look around at my world and what it has meant to me, how it has defined me.  I have had the opportunity to visit my dear friends at their schools and see how different our college lives are.  In somewhat of a new health kick, I have been able to try new recipes at my leisure and enjoy my mother’s delicious home cooked meals.  I have been able to research Argentina and their customs and current events, practicing my Spanish in the shower or with whomever is so lucky.  Looking forward to the warm weather I so deeply crave, I have tried to appreciate the snow and ice and at times it was possible.  Building snowmen and blowing freezing bubbles with a three year-old would make anyone’s day.

And of course, in my last minute fashion, I started to work on the “important things.”  Yesterday I picked up some Argentine pesos and when I was making sure they were all real the teller was a little offended, but I hear you can never be too careful.  Today, I enrolled in property insurance and placed an order through so I could pick up money once I get there.  But I believe all this preparation and delayed panic won’t really do me any good.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Nothing will compare to breathing those buenos aires.

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Victoria Nieto

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