Packing Is Always A Nightmare

Victoria Nieto
July 7, 2014

As I write this, I am grappling with the fact that my flight back home is scheduled to leave in exactly 24 hours. I am procrastinating on the whole packing situation—I am slightly terrified that all the wonderful things I have collected here have added up to a monstrous pile of souvenirs. I’ve briefly thought about the amount of bulky clothing I should wear to the airport in order to save space in my luggage…but that’s giving me anxiety. So I thought I would make a list of the things you should and shouldn’t bring to Buenos Aires.

Probably most will pertain to the ladies; but you win some, you lose some, fellahs.

The Dos and the Don’ts:

-DON’T bring bulky coats or jackets. It doesn’t get very cold here at all. A sweater, leather jacket, and a scarf will suffice.
-DON’T bring feminine products. For some reason my research may have been outdated and I brought a ton of tampons from home. Believe it or not Argentina does not live in the dark ages.
-DON’T bring a bunch of toiletries in general. There’s really no need to bring shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shaving cream, soap, etc. unless you are extremely particular.
-DON’T bring school supplies. Buy all that once you start classes. Or tour the partner universities and collect some free notebooks and pens.

-DO bring US dollars. Exchange them on Florida Street. It is not “sketchy” or “unsafe.” Everyone does it. I wish I brought dollars with me instead of withdrawing some from an ATM on a trip to Uruguay.
-DO bring some summer clothing—arriving in February it was 90 degrees and girls don’t dress extremely conservatively as I was told, you can show your bare legs, WOO!
-DO bring quality, comfortable shoes. You walk a lot.
-DO try to bring clothes and jackets with secret pockets. Pickpocketing is definitely an issue in Buenos Aires. The closer your passport, money, and phone are to your body, the better.
-DO bring a tote for schoolbooks. I personally didn’t prefer wearing a backpack in front of my body on the crowded subways. Totes can be swung safely in front of you, as you are crammed into a subway car with about a hundred other humans.
-DO bring clothes to go out in. The nightlife is amazing in Buenos Aires—once again, not a city where women need to dress conservatively. Don’t be afraid to bring those heels, crop tops, skinny jeans, dresses, etc.
-DO bring vitamins and medicines you are accustomed to: pain relievers, cold remedies, probiotics, etc. I got sick a few times and it wasn’t very fun.
-DO bring some outerwear for those trips outside of Buenos Aires. Rain jackets, hiking gear, gloves and hats. You will probably want to travel to see the waterfalls in Iguazú or the glaciers in Bariloche.

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