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Timaira Hinton
November 26, 2023

Weeks ago, I was crossing off each second that passed, looking forward to the day I'll be on the plane ride home. I couldn't wait to be embraced by the different elements that I am so used to. Yes, even now I am filled with the anticipation of seeing my family and being in the house for winter break, but I'm also squeezing out the last few drops of wonder from my trip abroad.

I'm leaving a few days after the term ends. Even though I got a bit upset when I found out I could have booked my flight for the actual end of term date, I am now at peace with the fact that I have some time to explore Oxford without being weighed down by my course load. I haven't planned anything extravagant; I prefer to bask in the simplicity of every city/country I visit. I just want to eat at my favorite restaurant, go on walks, and explore the campus. It may seem a bit boring, but after such a hectic term, some relaxing days sound like the best treat.

I made it a point to study and get some work done in RadCam this week. I am SO happy that I was disciplined enough to do so. I actually got a ton of work done, so that's nice. I also went to an Oxford shop and got a few shirts as gifts to myself and my family (it's a tradition my grandma started where we bring each other shirts and/or shot glasses when we go out of town). It's a MUST to get souvenirs and merch wherever you study abroad.

This week, visiting students are gathering to collect our certificate of completion of the direct enrollment program. Hosted by Mrs. Naomi and Mrs. Helen, the mini event is a great opportunity for students to see each other before their departure (mostly geared towards students who are enrolled for one term). I genuinely appreciate these notes of kindness, and both have shown that each visiting student is always considered a member of the Oxford community.

I am happy to be living in this answered prayer. In regards to my tutorials, I have only been stimulated like this a few times in my academic career. The tutorials are crafted to be (for lack of better terms) personal; they are usually 1-on-1 and the tutors I had challenged me by pushing me deeper into the critical thinking process. I was never allowed to abandon a thought or question, and while that may initially seem intimidating for some people, it is something that I appreciate because it has taught me to be more intentional with my words and everything else that stems from my mind. 

When I return home, I am 100% sure that I will be an enhanced version of myself. I no longer act, think, or approach situations the same way I did prior to studying at Oxford. I've always been aware of what my purpose is, but now I am (more) instilled with the mindset and skills needed to properly serve it. I am more confident in God, and I no longer doubt or place limits on His capabilities. Additionally, I am no longer attached to any cords of fear; instead, I am charged by fearlessness and courage. Oxford is more than just a field of knowledge, it is a place in which one's foundation is strengthened. It must be nurtured with unwavering faith and active curiosity. It is an honor to be in a community of such fascinating minds.

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