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Tatyana Masters
April 20, 2023

Now that I have lived in Rome for 3 months, I’ve gone to some pretty cool places and seen some really amazing things.

As people come to visit, I have fleshed out this itinerary, my pride and joy, that I am passing on here. Native Romans will definitely know better spots and different areas to see, so this is just a tentative list of all the things I’ve loved going to and have really enjoyed showing other people. When in Roma!

For shopping:

  • Spend a day in the fashion district. Here you’ll find the famous Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. I really recommend seeing the Trevi at night—it’s gorgeous all lit up and there are little to no people there; during the day it can be very overwhelming.
  • Across the bridge in front of Castel Sant’Angelo you’ll find many cute boutiques with leather goods, Italian clothing, and vintage or antique stores. It’s a great area with one of the best gelato places in the city, Gelateria del Teatro.
  • You can also find some great stores in Prati on the right side of the Vatican. Along with the fashion district, you’ll find a lot of chain stores here but there are some fun boutiques sprinkled throughout if that’s what you’re looking for! You can also find some great Italian food stores like my favorite, Castroni. Mercato Trionfale is also in Prati, Europe’s third largest covered market. It’s a great place to get some authentic Italian cheeses and cold cuts along with amazing seasonal produce and wines.

For eating:

  • Before even delving into my recommendations, I feel as though this needs a major disclaimer. Italians have very strong opinions on where, what, when, and why you eat certain places. So, instead of giving restaurant recommendations, here are some uniquely Roman foods you should try.
    • The 4 Roman pastas
      • Cacio e Pepe
      • Gricia
      • Carbonara
      • Amatriciana
    • In the Jewish Ghetto
      • Pizza Ebraica
      • Crostata Ricotta con Visciole
      • Carciofi Guidi
    • Roman pastries
      • Maritozzo
      • Tiramisu
      • Cornetto
      • Anything with pistachio cream

For touring/experiencing:

  • Obviously, the Vatican is beautiful and a must see, along with the Sistine Chapel. Tours happen during the day, so tour then, but come back to experience the beauty of San Pietro at night. They light up the building and surrounding fountains which is breathtaking, plus the area is mostly tourist-free, so you can really experience it. Note that the Papal Audience occurs every Wednesday, so if you want to tour the Vatican maybe pick a different day or expect to go in the afternoon.
  • The Colosseum is even bigger than you would expect, and you can find some great tours of it. There are also some fun bars and restaurants close by you should definitely check out.
  • The Roman Forum tours are often connected with Colosseum ones because of their proximity and connected history. Definitely do tours that combine—you get more bang for your buck and get to learn more about these beautiful historical structures.
  • Villa Borghese is a landscape garden with monuments, beautiful buildings, museums, art, and more. It’s a beautiful place for a picnic and gives you a bit of nature in a hectic city.

Wherever you go in Rome, I guarantee you will love it. While the city certainly bustles with life and constant movement, there is history in every step you take. It’s pretty amazing to think about. My biggest advice would be to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. The Italian way might just be the right one.

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