The Final Week: Grand Pastry Tour 2015

Sridevi Narayanan
July 29, 2015

During my last week in Salamanca, a girl in my program organized a pastry tour through the various pastelerias in town. This was an incredinly fun and tasty event. 

How it worked:

Our group (13 in total, 12 participated) walked through Plaza de Anaya and Plaza Mayor stopping at pastelerias along the way. At each stop, two of us would go in and each buy a pastry. At the end, we had accumulated 12-14 pastries and were ready to share. Thinking ahead, Lindsay brought a knife with her. We settled down in a shady spot in Plaza Mayor to divvy up our sweets. There were several crossaints, a common pastry in Spain. My personal favorite was a puff like pastry lined with creme and chcolate. To spice things up, one girl had purchased a savory pastry- a meat pastry pie. Meat pastry pies are quite famous in Salamanca and are called hornazos. Overall, it was a really fun time and I don't think I would have ever tried so many varieties had it not been for the Grand Pastry Tour.


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Sridevi Narayanan

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