Bon voyage!

Sophia Raymond
May 24, 2016


I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but it’s finally time to embark on my journey to Paris. I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face and the most excited feeling ever. Up until this point, it hadn’t quite hit me that I’d really be leaving the country and visiting a city I have always dreamed about! Yesterday, as my friend was helping me pack, all I could think was: This is definitely just a dream. I will probably wake up soon.

I’m a little nervous about the flight because I’ve never been on a flight that has lasted longer than a few hours, but I’m also really looking forward to every new experience! Plus, I am set to have a layover in London – and I’m not complaining about that! If you’re in the area, please disregard the person stopping to stare with a dropped jaw of amazement at every thing that I come across in just those two hours between flights. I know I won’t get to run around in London, but there’s no harm in having my eyes glued to the windows of the airport and maybe taking a step outside onto British soil for the first time!

I’m also nervous about meeting my host… we’ve sent a few emails back and forth to get further acquainted, but I’ve alerted her that my spoken French definitely needs some improvement due to my getting flustered when expected to speak extemporaneously in a conversational setting. But of course, that’s why I’m taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Finally immersing myself in the seemingly ethereal culture of Paris will give me the extra nudge I need to be confident in carrying on French conversations, not to mention I expect to have a wonderful experience learning about and living within the culture!

It’s supposed to be in the high 60s and mid-70s while I’m in Paris, and very sunny. I couldn’t ask for better weather! I’m also a big fan of a good thunderstorm, and we’re supposed to get a few of those, too, during my first week there. And believe me, if you’ve ever seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, seeing Paris in the rain is on your bucket list, too!

I’ve got an hour before I have to leave for Chicago to catch my plane, so I’m going to go make sure everything in my suitcase is in order! I can’t wait to share every step of my trip experiencing a new country for the first time with you! And I’m sure there will be some funny (and embarrassing) moments that I’ll run into along the way. But for now, au revoir, and I’ll see you in Paris! 

Sophia Raymond

<p>Hi, there! My name is Sophia Raymond and I&#39;m studying Public Relations and Marketing and Indiana University. Curiosity may be what killed the cat, but it&#39;s what fuels me! I&#39;m a writer, designer, and visual arts creator, and I&#39;m an absolute nerd for 20th century history (currently binge-watching CNN&#39;s Decade series). Usually, you can find me rock climbing, painting, or snuggling with my adorable Irish-doodle Sookie, but this summer I&#39;ll be studying abroad in Paris to further my French fluency and explore Europe! Life is a beautiful thing, and I plan on making the most of it.</p>

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