Exploring Berlin

Shea Decker-Jacoby
June 28, 2018


With the first week finished I have found Berlin and German culture very interesting. The program hosted a bus city tour on weekend when we got to see the main city sites in Berlin. It was very informative and gave everyone a better understanding as to where all the historical sites are located in relation to their homestays and the IES Abroad building.

The two courses I am taking while I am here are German Language and German Art and Architecture of the 20th Century. I have found learning and speaking German is very difficult, but living in a homestay has given me a chance to practice, which would not have been possible if I learned the language in the United States. While I am learning the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language, the course does a great job to make sure we learn phrases and words that will be useful to us while we are living in Berlin. Phrases like, "where is the bathroom?," "how are you?," "my name is . . . ," "my German is not great," "please slow down," "can I please have...," "how much does this cost?" I have found that aspect of the German class to be very helpful, along with the fun games that we play to learn and enforce new vocabulary.

The second course I am taking, Art and Architecture of the 20th Century Berlin, has been very interesting. There is a mix of people who have taken art history courses back at their universities in America and others, like myself, who have no previous background in art. Within the first week and half, we have visited two museums around Berlin seeing art that we have either studied in class or saw works that were influences in different movements we have talked about in class. I really appreciate that the information that I am learning in my courses can be directly applied and useful during my time here in Berlin. I have really enjoyed both of my classes and have already learned so much.

The video shows the first week of the program and some of the places I have visited with other kids in the program!

Hope you Enjoy!

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