Goodbyes are Always Hard

Sebrina Yan
August 4, 2016

Lessons learned this summer:

1.       I shouldn’t try to lift heavy suitcases into overhead compartments on airplanes. Unless I want premature back problems.

2.       I do not know how to say “no” to more Nutella.

3.       Especially when it’s found in such abundant quantities at every supermarket.

4.       If your nearly-decade-old “permanent” retainer suddenly decides to become unglued as soon as you get to a foreign country, you’re just going to have to live with it.

5.       Mosquitoes have managed to spread to the entire inhabited earth and still don’t hesitate to bite me. Figures.

6.       Texas may be the hottest place on earth.

7.       Even if it isn’t, it sure feels like it when you’ve been living in a city where jackets are frequently required throughout the week.

8.       Everyone speaks English.

9.       It’s hard to learn a foreign language when everyone speaks English.

10.   It’s hard to learn a foreign language when everyone speaks English, but you should force yourself to speak said language anyway if you really, really want to learn.

11.   I don’t know how I ever managed to get anywhere on time without German public transportation. Also, the public transportation in Austin is a joke, no offense.

12.   I did not pack a pair of shoes adequate for the amount of walking I did; unfortunately, the shoes I did pack are now full of holes and no longer with us.

13.   Next time, pack a better pair of walking shoes, or just ride a bike.

14.   When you live in a city where there are bike lanes adjacent to the sidewalks, and you hear several loud dings behind you while walking, you should probably get out of the way.

15.   The bread in the US will probably never measure up to that found in Germany.

16.   Along with Nutella, ice cream (or, put more aptly, gelato) is another potential danger.

17.   Especially when it’s found in such abundant quantities on every street in Berlin.

18.   A month and a half is just long enough for you to decide that you want to stay in Berlin forever, only to be cruelly wrenched back into reality and realize that you have to fly back home and finish another year of school and graduate or whatever.

19.   There’s still no place like home.

20.   But there’s also no place quite like Berlin, Germany.

Resolutions made this summer:

1.       Never forget Berlin. 

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Sebrina Yan

<p>I hail from Houston, Texas and study in Austin, Texas, so needless to say, I&#39;m ready to get out of Texas. I study Chemistry and Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin and I like to pretend that I can manage German. This is my second time in Europe and I&#39;m excited for the adventure that awaits!</p>

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