Winter Wonderland Survival Advice

Sarah Chadwick
January 26, 2017

I have been a Northeast girl my entire life.  Living in upstate New York has kept me well-prepared for blizzards, cold winds, and anything else that winter decides to throw at us.  We often joke that we only get two seasons here: construction and winter.  As I prepare to head off to Germany, I have been thinking of the best ways to stay warm while I travel.  Here, I've decided to impart the tips I know (along with pictures to prove I've had my fair share of snow).

Winter outerwear is a priority, starting with the right coat.  Down coats are a great way to stay warm, but are not usually made to get wet.  I've found multi-layer coats (where a down undercoat zips into a windbreaker) are the best way to go.  These will be especially helpful for traveling when, as we all know, consolidating clothes is a must.  A hat and pair of gloves are important also.  However, if you're anything like me with a tendency to lose things, I never bother with expensive gloves.

Footwear in winter can be a lifesaver (if you're wearing the right pair).  I've found that insolated boots with some sort of non-slip bottom are best as they keep your feet warm and prevent any embarassing falls.  Wool socks are a great investment if you plan on being outside for long periods of time in the cold.

Additionally, if you're planning on doing any camping, a warm sleeping bag is necessary.  For this, I reccomend synthetic down, which will keep you both warm and dry.  I've found that REI has some great options that come in extremely compact sizes.  You can also get a compressor bag to squish your sleeping bag even smaller if you need more room in your suitcase.

These are just a couple of basic winter help tips while traveling.  I am looking forward to many snowy adventures in Europe!

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