Pretty Praha

Sarah Chadwick
May 31, 2017

Prague was the number one spot on my list. That is, my list of cities I hoped to visit while abroad. Although the list was very long and modified many times, there was one bullet point that remained in the number one spot: Prague.  Friends had told me how beautiful the city was and how much fun they had while they were there.  When my friend and I found cheap travel tickets, we knew we had no choice but to go.

Prague did not dissapoint and I can say with all honestly that it was the most beautiful city I have ever been to.  Prague was unaffected during World War II, which meant that it has been preserved in a way that many European cities have not.  In addition, it's home to the famous St. Charles Bridge, St. Charles University, created during the Middle Ages, and the Prague Castle.  Many people (including myself until this trip) do not know that it is the largest castle complex in Europe.

Prague is known as the "City of Music."  When you visit, it's easy to see why.  There are street performers all over Prague, many playing traditional Czech music.  It adds to the overall Prague experience when you walk down the street and hear wonderful music at each corner.  Prague is also home to some of the world's best performance spaces.  These theaters are ornate and gorgeous and some of the world's best symphonies compete to play there.

We were in Prague at a lucky time because of the Easter markets.  Easter in Prague is a long affair, not just for one Sunday like we are used to in the United States.  The squares still had colorful streamers and decorations hanging from their branches.  They had even more bands playing in between the market stands, where I had the best street food of my life.  It was a bit cold so potatoes, sauerkraut, grilled cheese (not like the kind we have at home), and mulled wine kept us nice and warm.

Prague is one of those cities that I want everyone to be able to experience just once.  I promise it will take your breath away.

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