Italy (more like Eataly)

Sarah Chadwick
May 1, 2017

Over the Easter break last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy.  More specifically, I visited Naples and the surrounding area of Bari.  Visiting southern Italy is much different than visiting some of the more northern cites.  The southern part of the country is poorer and has less infrastructure set up for tourism.  While this can make it more difficult to get it around, there are also some major advantages.  For one, it means that not as many people visit places like Naples and Bari.  People tend to focus on Florence, Pisa, and Rome.  During peak travel times, this makes those cities tourist-filled, while leaving the southern areas free for those who want to go a bit off the beaten path.  I decided to share a photo blog of my trip to showcase how beautiful some of these less-visited cities are.  I didn't include any pictures of pizza or pasta, but there was plenty of that, too!

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