Freiburg's Past

Sarah Chadwick
March 9, 2017


Yesterday, we took a trip to Augustinermuseum here in Freiburg. It was a rainy day, so we decided to see what it offered, and we were not disappointed.

It was impressive to see artwork dating back to the 1300s and 1400s. History in Europe takes on a different meaning in the United States, as we are such a "young" country compared to the nations in Europe. One of my favorite exhibits was the original gargoyles that were on the Freiburg Minster. They were replaced on the actual church due to weather damage, but seeing them standing tall in the museum was incredible.

In addition to the artwork dating back to the Middle Ages, there was a special installation about National Socialism in Freiburg. The exhibit contained World War II articles and gave background as to how and why the Nazi Party came into power in Freiburg. It paid homage to those who fell victim to the Nazi Party and has made me more interested about the political climate of the time. I learned that Freiburg was a huge manufacturing city during the war, while led to much of it being destroyed by Allied bombs.

In all, the Augustinermuseum was a perfect activity. With the beauty of the Black Forest, it can be easy to overlook what a historical city Freiburg is. It's important to remember what happened in this city and how it has shaped the place Freiburg is today.

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