Peninsula Tour

Sarah Campbell
July 29, 2019

Cape Town has a number of outdoor activities that one could consider 'dangerous' but a boat to Seal Island is definitely not one of them. Or so I thought. I can tell you that I was not really looking to pull a Titanic moment when the Captain said that the waves were quite rough but we were going to continue on anyway. There was a slight moment when I realized that this was the actual ocean we were going into, not little old Lake Michigan with its dinky little waves. I don’t think I’ve felt as much joy as the moment that the Captain told us that it was too rough to continue on and that we’d have to turn around. However, the day continued to throw some intense curve balls our way in addition to the previous rollercoaster waves we encountered. 40km/h winds at the Cape of Good Hope are not considered to be a light breeze on any scale and because of that, we were not allowed to hike. Mostly out of fear from our tour guides thinking that we were going to get blown straight off the side of the cliff. To be fair, we aren’t the most graceful people so I could actually see that one happening. We ended the unexpectedly hazardous day watching penguins waddling around the beach, finally out of any accidental natural hazards.

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Sarah Campbell

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