Another Day in Dublin

Sam Astorga
January 30, 2017

It may seem idealistic and strange, but I truly think that there is some magic in Dublin. I don’t mean this in the sense of Druids and Leprechauns; instead, I think this city has an aura that always makes me smile, despite the cold weather.

After two weeks of class, I have settled into the daily grind…but unlike in LA, grind would not be the right word. It’s almost like a glide, or it seems like. From my experience, walking  along the Liffey is preferable to the laned traps of my native locale.

I will continue my narrative of a typical Monday throughout this blog post. During my walk, I often find myself walking into a café for a tea or hot chocolate. While I do enjoy café pastries, I have found a more frugal solution to my need for sweets- TESCO chocolate twists. The concept of quality-baked goods from a grocery store is likely the largest culture shock I have experienced throughout my time in Dublin…and my parents claimed the food in Dublin would not be as good as the rest of Europe.

Upon arriving at Trinity, I spend a few hours reading at the library followed by my HI 1218: Ireland 1534-1815 where we discuss Ireland in the pre-modern era. I enjoy all my courses, but learning about Cromwell moved me to study because I find it one of the most difficult times in Irish history. After this lecture, I proceed to HI4349: History and Fiction. If there was any a time for discussing the magic aura of Dublin, I will when reflecting on this class. It has made Jane Austen fun. Before anyone writes angrily about that statement, my most sincere apologies for I have seen the light and become an Austenite.

After history and fiction, the day is done, and I head for home. Along the way I find myself stopping at TESCO or LIDL for groceries. As I arrive home it is one of my favorite times of the day, dinner. Throughout my time in Dublin, my culinary skills have flourished .I knew how to bake well before I left; however, I now have a repertoire of dishes that do not incorporate microwaves or pre frozen food. My favorite dish involves traditional Irish potato pancakes (or boxty) topped with garlic herb cream cheese, chives, and smoked salmon. My roommates are also quite fond of it as well (sometimes even enough to do the dishes).

All in all, I feel that I have adjusted well to Dublin.   

A smile atop my chin,
Oh what a joy it has been.
I don’t feel Iffy
Living at the Liffey.
Another day in Dublin.

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