Domestic Bucket List

Robrenisha Williams
August 19, 2017

A few months ago my best friend and I discovered we would both be in Argentina this fall. We excitedly began dreaming up all of the things we would do while there Our future adventures consumed us and we found a way to weave them into every conversation (it was quite annoying I bet). By mid-summer I realized that I was so engrossed in what was to come, that I wasn’t enjoying what is probably the last summer of my college career where 80% of it was fun, not working scrupulous hours at an internship. So, before I head off on this study abroad adventure, I thought I’d accomplish some domestic bucket list activities. The countdown begins…


#1 – J. Cole Concert:


 August 1

            It’s 9am on my last Tuesday morning in New York and my phone is exploding with messages. My friend is ecstatic that she has found J. Cole tickets for $29! But the concert is today and tomorrow only. Practically leaping out of my chair at work I exclaim at the top of my lungs, then proceed to check my bank account. I pout into my chair (I don’t have an extra thirty dollars to spend). My phone beeps again, she has already bought 2 tickets. “WE’RE GOING” she types. A smile creeps onto my face, it was meant to be. My first real concert, in New York City, seeing J. Cole. Life made.


#2 - Road trip:


August 7

It’s three weeks before I board my plane to Argentina and yes my bags are packed, but not because I’m so anxious to get going. A pre-adventure adventure begins today as I help my sister pack her car up tight with all of her belongings (and my two suitcases that I practically begged to bring). We pull out of the driveway and head off on our 39 hour drive to New Orleans. We have a deadline so we don’t make rest stops; while I sleep she drives and while she sleeps I drive. It is not the average road-trip where you stop at attractions along the way, but it’s a lot of face-time with my sister.


#3 – Family Reunion:


August 12

            Every summer my mother’s family has a reunion in Mississippi. She went when she was a little girl and we try to go as often as we can now. I haven’t been to a reunion with my mom in 8 years and this year is no different. My momoa (New Orleans version of grandmother) got a cabin where my sister, brother, and I sleep. The reunion is small, shrinking every year, but those of us present enjoy each other. We try something new this year where we pair up the young and old to converse; it helps. When I say I ate gooooood. I mean from the red beans and rice to the crawfish, to the beignets, to spicy corn chowder, and don’t forget the grits. It was a weekend of laughter with my family after stuffing our faces.


#4 – Studying Abroad:

August 17

            I leave in exactly 10 days; I’ve been living out of my suitcases for almost three weeks and have slept on too many couches. I am planning out what things still need to be bought, what can wait until I arrive in Argentina, and what people I still need to see. My siblings know that I am leaving, though most are too young to recognize the difference in New York and Argentina (I doubt they could even point to it on a map). I want to take them on mini-adventures in our own city and spoil them while I can, but the days move so fast, as do they.  School starts up for them soon so I’ll treat them to as much fun as my money will allow.

Robrenisha Williams

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