The Beauty of Educational Vacations

Robrenisha Williams
October 31, 2017
Sacred Valley of Cuzco

Visiting Peru was the most amazing educational vacation, not to mention, the process of transitioning from Argentina to Chile was significantly smoother. We visited Peru for a solid week, where we got to engage with Peruvian college students, visit three historical cities, and experience one of the wonders of the world: Machu Picchu. The contrast between Buenos Aires and Chile seemed less drastic when positioned with Peru. We ate food with SEASONING, an abundance of seafood, drank odd drinks native to Peru, and learned about an ancient culture that’s still present today. I was so swept up in Peruvian tourist life that I almost forgot that when we got to Chile I’d not only have to do school, but I'd have to make my own bed, eat home-cooked meals, and take public transportation. So, here’s to reminiscing on a fire-ass week while I embrace the next phase of my study abroad experience -- Santiago, you've got a tough act to follow.

Lima --> Ollyantaytambo --> Machu Picchu --> Cuzco



Caught some locals enjoying the historic catholic church

Miraflores, Lima: Embrace the fog!


Lima is one of the most important ports in South America


The oldest library in Lima


The andean peoples really enjoyed their sexual statues


After a gruesome three hours of presentations, we shared a fantastic lunch (IES Abroad meets UPC)




Machu Picchu

As we boarded our 7am train to Machu Picchu, these men were in the middle of their work day


One of the seven wonders of the world (iconic photo)

We are waaaay too excited to be here


The Incas were the greatest builders in history: "Severe earthquakes couldn't knock this place over. A little tipsy, but still standing" - Drew P.



Cuzco at 7am


A glimpse at the goodies available on every corner in Cuzco


Our first lunch in Cuzco consisted of ceviche and a llama in the backyard


64% of Peru's economy consists of informal work. We saw that in action at San Pedro's market (they sold everything from clothes, to sunglasses, to fresh juices, and whole meals)

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