Seoraksan Trip Pt. 1

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Riana Santos
October 30, 2023

Right after midterm season at Yonsei University, IES Abroad Seoul took us on a weekend trip to Seoraksan!! Around this time of the year, the leaves were starting to change colors and the weather was getting colder. It was a long road trip from Seoul, so many of us were hungry by the time we made it to the dalkgalbi restaurant. Even though I have a really low spice tolerance, lunch was super yummy!

The next part of our trip, and arguably the most anticipated part, was making our own tofu. In the vlog, I was able to outline some of the steps to making soft tofu. The program split us into three groups, and each group started their own competition against each other, trying to see who could make their tofu the fastest. While we were waiting for our tofu to be done cooking, we were shown how to make a block of soft tofu. The professionals recommended us to eat it with sauce and it was so good!! I still think about it and I wish I could eat more.

After we were done making and eating our own tofu, we headed to our next stop which was the ARTE Museum. I had never been to a digital art museum before and had always wanted to go, so I was super excited. All of the different parts and exhibits were really interesting, but my favorite was this big room that would play media of different art styles. It was fun recognizing older artworks by famous artists and walking around the space.

For dinner, IES Abroad let us explore the Gangneung Jungang Market. My favorite food was the cheese croquette that Diana and I had. We all shared squid sundae for the first time, and it was also yum! I started craving something sweet for dessert after all the savory street food, and I bought a cheese coin. It’s not too sweet and not too bready. I loved it!

Not shown in the vlog, we ended the night learning the choreography to Le Sserafim’s “Eve, Psyche, and Bluebeard’s Wife” and sharing answers to deep questions as program bonding. Overall, the first day of this trip was very fun!! Check out the second part in another post, and stay tuned for more videos of my adventures abroad!!

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