My Top 3 Trips to Take in South Korea

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Riana Santos
November 13, 2023

During my time abroad in South Korea, I went on a few trips that friends and I organized. Here are three of my favorite ones:

#1 Lotte World

Making the most of our remaining summer break, a few friends and I decided to go to Lotte World. One of the popular activities to do at Lotte World is wear Korean school uniforms, so in the clips, you can see all of us wearing different uniforms. Our group got tickets for the indoor park and for the aquarium. Though the park may seem much smaller than Disneyland or other theme parks, there’s plenty of things to do! We didn’t even get to go to the aquarium because all of us were having too much fun inside the park. I recommend going during a weekday if possible for a less crowded experience!!

#2 Nami Island

This was a trip I took during the Hangul Proclamation Day weekend. To get to the island, you can take a ferry or be adventurous by taking a zipline and a speedboat. On the island, I rented a bike and took in all the beautiful scenery as I passed by. It was super easy to lose track of time while being on the island. However, I recommend those who want to visit to leave before sunset if they want to make it back to Seoul at a reasonable time. My friends and I left late and there were no buses or taxis to take us back to the train station. We ended up cutting it close at arriving at our home destination before the train stations closed.

#3 Busan

Truly balancing both parts of study abroad, a small group of friends and I took a trip to Busan during the beginning of midterm season. Albeit this probably wasn’t the smartest decision, but I don’t regret going to visit this part of South Korea! We searched up some of the most popular places to see in Busan and tried our best to explore as many as we could over the short weekend. There was a K-Pop concert, so two of us were able to see many different idol groups while the remaining duo traveled around Busan. For dinner, my friend and I experienced nightlife in Chinatown and ate yummy street food at Biff Square. 

One trip that makes an honorable mention is to Wolmido Island. It doesn’t make the video since I only spent a few hours there, but I’d recommend arriving around lunch time to be able to fully enjoy all the area has to offer. My friends and I mainly went to try surviving the Disco Pang Pang ride, but there were actually more activities to try, like shooting fireworks, going on other rides, strolling down the boardwalk, or even competing in arcade games.

Though there are so many other places to check out in South Korea, I highly recommend visiting these three locations if you have time while abroad. Every part of South Korea is different from each other and illustrates another part of Korean culture or history.

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