New Zealand is: Adventurous

Renato Dornelas
August 23, 2016


Get back home from a friend’s 21st birthday celebration. The magic of studying abroad is knowing how to balance social, academic, and night life, am I right?



Wake up.

Accidentally fall back asleep.



Wake up, in a hurry, and start getting ready. Take the hiking shoes, a backpack, water bottle, and some bananas.



Meet with friends in town (or the half that made it on time).



Hit the road towards the Waitakere Ranges. Fun, laugh, and excitement all the way!



Arrives at one of the most beautiful hiking places I have ever been to. So green, so calm and peaceful, and so adventurous.



Group picture, snack time, enjoy the breath-taking view.



Hit the road. The adventure never stops. Next: Lion Rock!



Literally in paradise.



Soaking wet, muddy, tiny tired, but on top of the Lion Rock – worth it!



Sit by the beach and just reflect on what that day, that past month, and all those experiences and adventures lived in New Zealand so far have meant to me.



Exchange Program Lesson of the day: sometimes it's tough being away from home. Sometimes you are scared, and all you want is to be surrounded by those who ground you, because that's when you feel safe the most. But a big part of the journey of being abroad is this: taking challenges and adventures as they come, learning to see everyday as an opportunity to find nothing but happiness.

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