New Zealand is: Tasty

Renato Dornelas
December 12, 2016

When you go to a foreign country, you aim to immerse yourself as much as you can. That includes learning and talking the local language, living and traveling with locals, and, of course, eating. A lot of eating!


New Zealand is an incredible place, and even though it doesn’t really have unique dishes or cooking styles (at least not that I know of), Auckland has some of the best restaurants I have ever been. The food is fresh, the price is reasonable, and if you are vegetarian/vegan (which I did during the time I took the pictures on this blogpost), you are in the best place in the world for eating!

1 Food Truck Garage

Located in the City Works Depot, next to Cook Street, this place is fantastic. I went here a couple of hundred times, honestly. It is just so good, so healthy and organic, and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend the Burrito with minced nuts (yes, nuts!) – the vegetarian one. Oh my god, I was totally blown away by it!

2 The Raw Kitchen

If you are looking for dessert, go to no other place but to The Raw Kitchen, which is also located in the City Works Depot. This place, run by young ladies, is so sustainable, so fresh, and so environmentally friendly. Their desserts are to die for, really! I suggest the Twix and the coco balls. They also have salads to go, which are a full meal in a little box you can take home, eat, and keep in the fridge for the next day if you like. The Raw Kitchen does not sell anything hot, only cold dishes.


3 Odette

Odette is also located in the City Works Depot, and it has a unique concept: everything is made for sharing. All plates are carefully done for sharing, and they are very unique recipes. It is definitely a more pricy restaurant because it is quite fancy, but definitely worth a dinner out at. The staff are usually from different countries and they always help you pronounce the foreign name of the food. They have great sea food!

4 The Botanist

Also in the City Works Depot (by the way, the City Works Depot is a huge parking lot with a lot of start ups and unique restaurants. Definitely, definitely worth a visit!), The Botanist, as the name says, sells flowers inside this amazing restaurant. The menu is a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it goes from huge dessert plates, to very well elaborated salads. Their dishes with black mushrooms are amazing!

5 The Best Ugly Bagel

The last on my list located at the City Works Depot, the Best Ugly Bagel sells great bagels. If you’re looking for something quick, but filling and very tasty, please go to BUG. Have yourself a bagel with salmon and the one with guacamole – you won’t feel disappointed, I promised.

6 Frida

If you’re looking for Mexican food, Frida is the place to go. Located in the viaduct, right in front of the little harbor for small boats, this place catches everyone’s attention firstly by its unique decoration. It is a very colorful, the waiters wear beautiful customs, and each table has a “sombrero”. Tacos, nachos and all of that are absolutely a must here!

7 Petra Schwarma

Jordan food, family-owned, busy, happy people, amazing (and big) food plates… This place is one of the best I have been in Auckland. It was so good food, and the waitress told us everything is done very freshly – indeed they did all taste fresh. You can see the simplicity of the place and the strong sense of (Jordan) family, with all cooking mothers surrounded by their children running around. It is fun and delicious, loved it!

8 Major Sprout

Finally, there’s Major Sprout, which is a very cool, almost hipster kind of place. Also it is a great place for vegetarians/vegans! There’s a lot of young people (from waiters to the clientele), and the place seems to be almost always full, so make sure you try coming in early. The plates are not very cheap, but they are an experience – they look and taste absolutely unique, it is even hard to tell, so please go ahead and immerse yourself in this major sprout!

Oh, man, food is so good! I think I’m go now treat myself something tasty… Talk soon!

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