Eating in Amsterdam with A Peanut Allergy

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Rachel Alliker
April 1, 2023

Studying abroad in a new place with an unfamiliar language is challenging in and of itself. Adding to that inherent challenge is my life-threatening peanut allergy. In the United States, it is common to see food labeled as “peanut free” or “free from the top 8 major allergens”. However, based on my experiences in Europe, there seems to be less awareness of serious allergies. It has been a struggle to find restaurants that are peanut free which makes eating out somewhat stressful. Thankfully, in the Netherlands, most people speak English; this does make it easier for me and other students like me to communicate the severity of our allergies.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a list of peanut-free restaurants in Amsterdam but unfortunately, the lists I have found are misleading and often contain descriptions of peanut dishes!

So, to take the stress out of your future trip to Amsterdam, below is a list of restaurants and other supermarkets that are peanut free
and/or very accommodating!

1. Lombardo’s
A delicious gourmet burger place located a few blocks from the Rijksmuseum. I’ve been there twice and last time ordered the truffle burger which was gone in a split second! Their roasted potatoes were also heavenly!

two burgers with cheese, truffles, and a selection of other toppings with roasted potatoes

2. Restaurant Luna
Located in Jordaan, Restaurant Luna is an Argentinian steakhouse. They assured me that they did not use peanuts in the restaurant and came back to the table multiple times to double-check. We ordered a platter of different meats and it was unbelievable. The empanada appetizer was also a hit!

3. Olfije’s

This Mediterranean hotspot in Waterlooplein, Olfije’s is a wonderful choice. My guveç, a Turkish dish, was delicious and I have since returned for more sensational meals at this gem of a restaurant.

Turkish guveç; a casserole like dish with tomatoes, eggplant, spices, and rice

4. New Dutch

New Dutch is close to the Anne-Frank House and has an array of breakfast and lunch items on the menu. The avocado toast was quite tasty and the staff was also accommodating in regard to my allergies.

avocado toast with tomato, pickled radishes, feta, and avocado on whole wheat bread

5. Market 33
Market 33 is a food hall filled with a variety of different mini-restaurants that offer cuisine from around the world. These are just two of the restaurants that I have sampled:

1. La Catrina (Mexican cuisine)

2. Sushi Tokyo

6. La Chica Food Empanadas
An adorable yellow food truck in Albert Cuypmarkt that makes homemade empanadas stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including meat, cheese, and vegetables. I reached out to the owner and she said her food truck is all peanut-free! YAY!

yellow and orange empanada food truck

7. Salsa Shop
Salsa Shops are located all over the city! This Mexican chain lists their allergens near the entrance to the shop and the people who work there are also very knowledgeable. They only use sunflower oil and there are no peanuts in the shop. Their tacos, quesadillas, and burrito bowls are so delicious that it has become a weekly stop for me.

burrito bowl with rice, salsa, guacamole, meat, and yogurt tzatziki dressing

Here is their allergy warning list ->
As well as a picture of my bowl from last week!

list of common allergens that the Salsa Shop uses (a chart with a checkmark next to allergens that each item includes)

8. Core
We stumbled upon this hidden gem in Jordaan that had made-to-order Italian sandwiches, lasagna, and calzones. The sandwiches were only about €8 euros. As you can see, my sandwich was so good that I couldn’t wait to take a picture before I took a bite!

mozarella and prosciutto sandwich with fig jam on a roll

9. Rudi’s Stroopwafels
I have found that the stroopwafel booths in Albert Cuypmarkt are peanut-free! Usually, the owners are there making the stroopwafels and they can answer any questions you have about allergens. It is important to note that if you have a serious tree nut allergy, Nutella is a common topping on stroopwafels.

10. Sweet Bob’s
My personal favorite bakery in Amsterdam—bakeries are a nightmare for anyone with a peanut allergy and all the delicious baked goods I’ve passed make my mouth water. Sweet Bob’s makes Brazilian brigadeiro which are traditional chocolate truffles. These truffles have been reimagined in a variety of flavors including Oreo, Ruby Chocolate, Creme Brulee, and Cocoa. The owner let me read the bag of chocolate they use and answered all of my questions. They do use pistachios in one kind of brigadeiro, but they are prepared in a separate area of the kitchen. The owner said they do all they can to avoid cross-contamination but they can not 100% guarantee possible traces of pistachios. I was told that this is the ONLY kind of nut they use at Sweet Bob’s.

While people with a peanut allergy usually avoid street food, you’d be surprised that street vendors in Albert Cuypmarkt, Noordermarkt know all the ingredients in their food and it has provided safer options than some restaurants! I got delicious pizza from Noordermarkt at Margherita Tutta La Vita! and homemade lentil soup from another booth.

pizza with cheese and truffles

Outside of the Netherlands and while traveling, the most helpful thing has been to bring a typed note with your allergies in the language of the country you are visiting:

Here is the note I brought with me to Italy this past month:

Note in Italian outlining my allergies that I gave to each restaurant I ate at

I translated this message on Google translate, and even though I’m not sure if the grammar was 100% accurate, the meaning is quite clear and the person reading your card will understand your allergy. Ideally, find a person you know who speaks the language to ensure the accuracy of the note. Laminated allergy cards are also sold on Amazon in a variety of languages at very reasonable costs.

Always advocate for yourself by informing restaurant servers of your allergies and make sure the server understands your concerns.

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