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Rachael Haugh
July 19, 2018


Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a post to appreciate the beauty of Ireland and highlight the places I have traveled to within the country. I know I have mentioned it before, but Ireland truly is such a naturally beautiful country and I have had such a lovely time going to different cities along the coast. Without further hesitation, here is a comprehensive list of the places I have been able to experience while in Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

On the very first week of my stay in Ireland, I took a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride all the way over to the west coast of Ireland. After stopping for snacks at the glorious Barack Obama Plaza, which I failed to know existed until this trip, the bus carried me and about 30 other people along one of the most scenic routes I have ever seen to the cliffs. As we were being driven, looking out on both sides of the bus were rolling hills and greenery like something from a movie. The roads were extremely narrow, making me lean to the right side of the bus to help the driver while squeezing by other busses, however, due to the driver’s artful skills, we made it to the entrance of the Cliffs of Moher all in one piece. The cliffs themselves were breathtaking. It feels funny to be so high up on a cliff that you can see the birds flying from above.


Howth was a beautiful town that is about two hours away from Dublin. Coming directly off of the train the bay and fishing boats were visible. As soon as my friend and I came off of the train, we looked into the bay and saw two seals playfully swimming about in the water. Along the water is a row of quaint restaurants but the true beauty of Howth lies along the cliff walk. This two-mile walk lines the ocean and while walking on the hiking path, wildflowers grow in abundance. This hike was one of the many breathtakingly beautiful places that I have seen in Ireland.


Visiting Galway was a less nature-centered trip and a very city-centered experience. I went with a group of people who stayed in a large Airbnb that was within walking distance of the city. Galway is an exciting, constantly-busy city that revolves around four central streets in town. These four streets are packed with restaurants, pubs, and shops to buy gifts native to Ireland. A few streets down from the city center the ocean is visible and there is an extensive paved walkway to take a relaxing stroll by the water.


The most beautiful place I have visited thus far has been Kilkenny. Putting aside the increased prices to rent bikes, eat, and lack of public transportation, the natural scenery was absolutely stunning. A friend and I arrived in Kilkenny by train and immediately checked into our hostel and rented bikes. These bikes proved to be the most important purchase of the trip because there was a long bike trail that took us across the beautiful landscape of grassy hills and ocean views. In the middle of the trial is the Muckross House, a historic mansion built in the middle of a field with a beautiful view of the water. After biking in Kilkenny, we completed the steep but beautiful Glendalough Waterfall Walk in the shade of a forest.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you come back for the next post!

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