Trip To Amsterdam

Rachael Haugh
July 13, 2018

This has been such a busy past two weeks but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the events I have planned. Two weeks ago, I went on a two-hour plane flight to meet a friend from TCU in Amsterdam. We waited a little too long to find housing accommodations, so we ended up splitting the cost of an Airbnb private room. Thinking it would be too cramped and a being a little bit skeptical of the room, we were very relieved to find out that the room we rented was comfortable and our hosts were only a few years older than ourselves. Our two hosts recommended restaurants and pubs that were their personal favorites and we ended up going to, and loving, many of them.

One of the best places we ate was called the Blue Café. A few streets down from the main city center and ascending a slanted elevator, we found this café isolated on the top of a shopping center. Because it was the only restaurant on the sixth floor, there was a 360-degree view of the city. The food was delicious, and the interior was rustic modern, giving it a sense of sophistication. In addition to the Blue Café, we found another hole-in-the-wall eatery called Metropolitan Amsterdam which yielded some of the most amazing crepes I have ever had in my life. We enjoyed both an eggs benedict and an unbelievably delicious spinach and cheese crepe.

This trip, however, was not only memorable for the mouth-wateringly delicious food, we also purchased the ‘I Am Amsterdam’ pass (which I highly recommend). With the purchase of this pass, we were granted access into over 25 museums, allowed 25% discounts on many restaurants (including free tea and apple pie at one specific place), prepaid transportation, and a prepaid riverboat canal tour. This pass also included a free chance to tour the Ajax stadium, however, the day we chose to do our tour, Ed Sheeran was to be performing that night and we weren’t able to go.

Overall, the city of Amsterdam was one of the more beautiful cities I have ever seen. With canals running through the streets and trees growing alongside those canals offering protection from the sun, cruising throughout the city was a breeze. No matter where we walked in the city center, there seemed to always be music or street performers keeping up a lively vibe. One of the more unique things my friend and I went to do was to go to a jazz club. I had no experience with jazz music or ever going to a jazz club before, but it was not hard to follow along. With each person on stage taking turns with lengthy instrument solos, it was intriguing to see the people who walked onto stage take on a whole different persona as they played their music. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Amsterdam and would love to spend more time there one day. Thank you for your time and see you next time!

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