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I'M GOING TO JAPAN! (Pre-departure feels)

Onyekachi Nwabueze
September 4, 2015

30 August 2015 | 09:40 PM


I’m leaving for Tokyo, Japan tomorrow morning. There. I wrote it. It is real. I mean, it has to be real, right? Maybe if I write it again: I’M LEAVING FOR TOKYO, JAPAN TOMORROW MORNING!

Okay, that made it a little more real. I still cannot believe it. I am currently packing and it is 9:41pm. I do not believe I am going to get any sleep tonight because of the excitement I feel. Unreal. That is how I will explain how I feel at the moment; unreal.

I am very well aware that I am traveling and soon will be living in a country where I do not speak even 1% of the language. I have come to terms with this however. I understand that it will be a little bit of a struggle, but I think I can do it! In fact I know I can do it because I will have to. My predisposition is to go in without any expectations (except some cultural differences I read about and the language barrier I will experience). I want to completely delve into the Tokyo lifestyle without shredded expectations. I think I will have a great time!

Hey there! My name is Onyekachi Nwabueze and I am a junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. By reading my blogs and looking at my vlogs you will quickly see that I am a silly and random person.

One of the things I am most excited for during my study abroad is the food.

I think that’s a pretty great place to stop for now ;)

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Onyekachi Nwabueze

<p>Hey there! I am Onyekachi Nwabueze and I am a Nigerian born and raised in San Francisco, California. I am a student at Occidental College studying Cognitive Science, Education, and Linguistics. I love love LOVE to dance, sing, learn, try new things, and paint my nails. My current career paths include varsity athlete, big sister, wanna-be professional dancer, and villainous chiller (one who chills like a villain).</p>

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