Did I Forget to Bring that too?

Onyekachi Nwabueze
October 16, 2015
16 October 2015 Now that I have been here for about one and a half months, I feel like I have a good hold on what I would have liked to bring to Japan, packing-wise. The only problem is, I am already here. Now, it is very common for people to forget to pack something essential while traveling. I am usually an over packer… well; let’s us just say that I over pack every time I travel. However, I like to see over packing as “cautious packing”. This is a small packing list for those “cautious packers” who plan to travel to Japan for more than a month. You can think of this as a preventive over packed packing list, from the views of a fellow “cautious packer”. 1) Packing for the weather: The weather is one of the first things that I consider when packing. “Is it going to be mostly hot or cold? Will the weather be to the extremes? What are the extreme weather conditions of this place?” For Japan, mostly the Tokyo area, around August and September it is quite humid and warm. So clothes that you are comfortable walking around in for long periods of time without overheating easily are a good way to go. However, in the months of October through December, it gets quite chilly – so warm clothes are also a must. I sadly forgot to bring any shorts and desperately was in need of purchasing at least one pair of denim shorts. Good thing I brought a casual dress (which is definitely something else I would recommend, maybe even a couple). 2) Formal clothes? Yes… and no. It is always great planning to bring your favorite “business” or formal outfit. As someone from America, it would seem as if people in Japan dress formally on almost all occasions. It is not unusual to see students, elderly ones, and even parents and entire families dressed up. It is basically a normal thing to dress up. Especially if you want to go out to dinner or just enjoy the nightlife of Tokyo, a nice dress, some comfortable heels, a pair of flats, or a nice button-down may be a good thing to have. 3) “You must bring toilet tissue paper” Before I arrived, many people told me I should bring toilet tissue paper. Even many websites advised that this was a vital thing to have. I did not bring toilet tissue paper and such a choice was not a mistake. In every restroom there is toilet tissue paper (I guess I can only speak for Chiba prefecture). 4) Umbrella It is not an understatement when I say, “you must bring an umbrella”. Especially if you are planning on traveling during the months of September through December, bring an umbrella. When it rains back home, I usually just walk in the rain because I don’t mind it and I also do not particularly enjoy carrying an umbrella. However, umbrellas are a way of life. Seriously, just make your life easier and bring an umbrella. Umbrellas are also very easy to buy at any konbini or local convenient store. 5) Coin case The usage of coins is very prominent in Japan. The smallest paper bill is a ¥1,000 and then the currency breaks down into ¥500, ¥100, ¥50, ¥10, ¥5, and ¥1 coins. Prices of anything, are usually below ¥1000 or are ¥1000+ so coins as change is the norm. You can acquire so much change in such a short time that a coin case is definitely an essential purchase upon arrival. Good thing you can get a coin case for just ¥100 (which coincidentally is also a coin). Living in Japan is great. I come from San Francisco, California (yes, the city of San Francisco) and adjusting has not been difficult for me at all. As an athlete and very active person, I am used to consuming a ton of water every day. Water is not as common here. Back home, I usually see people carrying reusable water bottles, but here I have learned that tea is consumed in place of water and is much more common than even the appearance of water. Public drinking fountains aren’t a thing… I hope this packing list finds you readers well and is helpful in deciding what to pack on your future trip to Japan. Enjoy a few photos from the last two weeks and enjoy your day! Signing out, Onye

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