Los Pájaros

Nina Finley
August 21, 2013

The blog you’ve all been waiting for! BIRD PHOTOS!

Alas, I don’t have an identification book yet. My host family took me to the  librería, or book store, after hearing me lament the absence of this book for days. The store’s selection didn’t include anything Quito-specific or under $78, though, so I’m hoping for better luck at the University book store.

I had a pleasant surprise today when I found out my fellow GAIAS student, Richard, also loves bird watching! We searched for bird books in the biblioteca, or library, and found 20 results. Tomorrow we’re going to find them in the stacks. I’m hoping to take lots of walks with Andrés, one of the program coordinators and a notorious birder on campus. I also made friends with Amanda, a botany fanatic, so watch out — I might be converted from a birder to a planter soon!

Nina Finley

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