Appreciating Everyday Beauty

Nicole Von Wilczur
November 30, 2016

Today is November 27, 2016. I’ve been in Granada for nearly three months now. In the beginning, walking around Granada, everything seemed completely new and spectacular. Nowadays, I still appreciate the everyday beauty of the city, but at times I think that I’ve seen and done everything there is to do here already.

I know my favorite bars to get tapas and my favorite coffee shop to study in. I recognize the familiar faces of people that I see on my daily walks through the city and the shop owners whose stores I walk into every couple of days now call me by my name.

Recently, however, I’ve been discovering new spots that I have never seen before, and it has taken me completely aback. From diverging off of a walk that I’ve been down a million times before, I’ve found a new lookout point- the only point in the city where I’ve been able to see some fall foliage. From going a little further down a street that I thought ended, I discovered a whole new part of the city with an amazing nightlife and a crowd of young people I never knew existed. And from going on a walk through my neighborhood, I’ve spotted pieces of graffiti I haven’t seen before, giving me an inspiring and uplifting messages.

While it’s wonderful to discover that no matter how much you think you know a city, there is still a world of things left to do and see, I now worry about all the things I will have missed by the time I have to leave. 

Photos below are taken from some of my favorite spots in Granada.

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Nicole Von Wilczur

My name is Nicole von Wilczur, from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a rising college junior attending Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. When I'm not studying, I enjoy fighting for social justice, being outdoors, photography, and learning to recite the lyrics to 90's and early 2000's rap songs. I've never traveled outside of the US, so I am very excited for the opportunity to be studying abroad in Granada, Spain, and sharing my experiences with you!

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