My Two Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Madrid

Nick Sheppard
May 21, 2019

If you ask someone what a typical Spanish dessert is, they might recommend you churros, especially those from the famous San Gines. However, if you guys love a tasty cold treat as much as I do, then listen up chicos. Madrid’s also home to some amazing ice cream shops, and I’ve had the pleasure of going to these two spots a few times.


Gelateria La Romana

There are actually three locations around the city, but the one I like is right outside the San Bernardo metro stop, not too far away from the IES Abroad Center in Moncloa. They have quite the variety of flavors, and you kind of can’t go wrong, but from me to you I would choose one of the cheese flavors—my mouth waters just thinking about them now! The staff is super friendly and if you’re still not confident in your Spanish, no worries—the staff speaks English (but try anyway kids you’re in the motherland of the language). They’re open until 11 p.m. during the week and midnight on the weekends so you can get your fix when you really need it.


La Pecera

Located in the very hip neighborhood Malasaña on the same street as a bunch of cool vintage stores, ya’ll—where do I start. First of all, this is definitely the most Instagram-able dessert in the city, so if you’re a #socialmediakween you gotta hit it up to pad that feed, girl. Don’t get it twisted, though. La Pecera’s gorgeous soft served "taiyaki" styled ice cream and fish-shaped cones are as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eyeballs (ew who says eyeballs?) Their trademark fish-shaped cones are soft like the ice cream, come in chocolate or vanilla, and are made fresh when you order them. The soft serve comes in four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, salty caramel, and matcha green tea. What’s more, you can swirl (boom!). A word to the wise—don’t try to bite on the fish mouth. I know you’ll really want to because, guys, this ice cream is bomb, but you will cause the ice cream to shoot out onto the black skinny dress that you just bought from Zara and you don’t have plans to go home because there’s stuff to go see and do and we can’t afford a trip to change because today is a full schedule day—ya know? The hours are a bit funky here, so I’d recommend this spot as a plan-ahead situation rather than a cross-your-fingers-and-pray one, but it’s completely worth it!

Nick Sheppard

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