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Natalie Reynoso
January 27, 2014

Earlier this week I took a cooking class at the IES Center taught by an ISC (Italian Student Companion). When I signed up for the class I was under the impression that we would make our own sauce, boil the pasta, and then enjoy. But once the class began, I quickly realized that not only were we making our own sauce, but we were also making homemade pasta! My peers and I tried our best to shape our pasta to look like that of the ISC, but more often than not we failed quite miserably. But in the two hours that we spent cooking together, we laughed at ourselves and at each other and we learned so much about Italian cuisine. And later, once the cooking was complete, we enjoyed what turned out to be an incredibly tasty plate of pasta and we took pleasure in one another’s company. This cooking class became the highlight of my week because in the simplicity of it all I found great joy and deep laughter.

Studying abroad has thus far proven to be an incredibly transformative experience. I’ve gotten to see some of the most monumental sites in Italy (and in the world). But it’s in the fleeting moments of every day that I learn the most about Italy, about my peers, and about myself. Last night a few of my roommates and I sat around the kitchen table reading Italian Slanguage by Mike Ellis. This book, which was given to me before I left the States as a gift from my mentor, makes learning basic Italian phrases quite the comedy show, and that’s exactly what took place in our home yesterday evening. We laughed until we cried and then did it all over again. In that moment, I knew that I was (and am) exactly where I’m supposed to be. This experience is proving to be a great adventure! Arrivederci!

Homemade Pasta! Yummm!


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Natalie Reynoso

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