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A Guide to Eating in Rome

Naomi Farahan
December 11, 2017

I wish I could write about every scoop of gelato I’ve had, because they are all different. But I didn’t document all of them - that would be embarrassing. I have learned a thing or two on the way, though. Here are some tips to eat your way through one of the world’s greatest food cities. 


Breakfast - Don’t spend too much time pursuing breakfast here, because it’s usually just a pastry and a caffeinated beverage. Please, please drink a cappuccino. If you’re in the Prati area, I love Sciascia Caffe. Ask for the cappuccino with chocolate, and take a picture!. 

Aperitivo - This is something I wish we did in the States. You go in the early evening with your friends for drinks and appetizers. It’s less expensive than a full meal, and you can often try multiple foods. Some places will ofter full unlimited buffets, while others bring out a plate of pizza, meats and cheeses. Trastevere is a great area for aperitvo restaurants. 




Frigidarium - This is my favorite gelato place in Rome. It's creamy and very affordable. Also, you can ask for them to dip your scoop in dark or light chocolate. 10/10 recommend.

Freni e Frizoni - Go here for aperitivo. The place is in a hip area of Trastevere, I recommend walking around. Also, there is a great selection of fresh, healthy food. 

Lunch and Dinner: 

Cacio e Pepe - This is both a restaurant and a dish. I’ve had it far too many times since I got here. It is pasta with cheese, usually pecorino romano, and black pepper. It is rich, heavenly, and actually really easy to make. But the Cacio e Pepe restaurant does it best, I promise. You will be inspired. 

Il Corallo - This place is close to the Pantheon (which you should of course go see, if you have the time). Go to Il Corallo for the cacio e pepe! They serve the pasta in what I can only describe as a baked cheese bowl that you eat as you make your way through the pasta. It is divine, and a really cool take on a common Italian meal. 

Ragno D’Oro - This is the perfect place to go for a long celebratory dinner with friends. If you’re willing to spend a bit extra, ask the staff what they suggest and let them bring out multiple courses. It becomes a show, almost. They have you try multiple dishes and desserts. The sauce for their ravioli is incredible, I actually asked for an extra side. My friend had a great pizza, although you should know there is not a ton of cheese. I also recommend the pistachio ice cream. 

Happy eating! 

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