Day-Trip to Bursa!

Naomi Everhart
March 23, 2015

After waking up earlier than usual and meeting up at the ferry docks on the Bosphorus, I set off with some good friends to the fourth largest city in Turky - Bursa. After two hours of napping on a ferry we arrived, and spent a full day taking in the sites of the city. Here is the full account of what we did:


Thanks for watching! See you next time around!

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Naomi Everhart

<p>I am originally from beautiful Boulder, Colorado, but I am currently a junior at the University of Rochester double-majoring in Film and Honors Anthropology. While growing up, I lived in Shanghai for three years, but I have never been to anywhere in the Middle East before - a fact which I am very much looking forward to changing. I love exploring different cultures, making movies, eating delicious food, and being outside. While in Istanbul, I intend to extensively taste-test Turkish food, delve into the city and culture, and learn what it is like to go to a local university. I honestly have no idea what my future job will be, but I am passionate about eliminating institutional discrimination and hope to one day change the world for the better in some way.</p>

2015 Spring
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