An Ode to my Roommates

Molly Small
April 10, 2017

Dear Eunice,

Thank you for always reminding me what time I have class even though you aren’t in my classes.

Thank you for taking my clothes out of the dryer and folding them delicately on my bed, when you deservingly should have thrown them over the balcony since I leave them sitting in there for several days.

Thank you for never saying things like “Shouldn’t you eat something other than an entire baguette for dinner?” or “Why did you psychoanalyze an entire season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians instead of going to work today?” but still reminding me when I really need to be getting my life together.

I know so much more about obscure topics like traditional Irish funerals and satirical Chinese choirs because of you.

Thanks for locking the door when Hailey and I don’t and thank you for being on top of the expiration dates on Hailey’s food because we know that sometimes she can be a few weeks late with those.

Everything you do is so uniquely Eunice.


Dear Hailey,

Thank you for soothing my anxious nature. That time you left your cappuccino on the kitchen table for a month so it turned into parmesan cheese really inspired me to not let silly things like cleanliness get in the way of the important things in life.

I love you even after I sent you to the grocery store for a zucchini and you came back with three eggplants instead. It sparked a fire for improvisational cooking skills.

Thanks for sometimes prioritizing a night of live music over homework with me.

I apologize for sometimes yelling in my sleep and waking you up.

Thank you for comfortably sitting in silence with me while I cry at the marvels of the Giant’s Causeway.

Thank you for having seaweed fights with me on the beaches and waking up to watch sunrises smothered in clouds but enjoying it anyway.

I will miss being incapacitated on Sundays mornings watching SNL skits with you from the night before. 

You are the type of friend I would want to take camping, and that is a love story in itself.

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