The Bright Side of Goodbye

Molly Small
April 14, 2017

The following are some small comforts as I am in the process of saying “goodbye and good riddance” to Dublin:


  • Only having to go to the grocery store once a week rather than three because the produce is so organic in Ireland that it doesn’t last as long.


  • Realizing that you have an unanticipatedly large amount of money left over due to being unreasonably frugal for four months and making friends with people who are also free activity enthusiasts.


  • Feeling accomplished after having survived so many months away from home when you used to have panic attacks from being away from your bedroom for a weekend.


  • Savoring the memories as you walk passed every landmark for the last time. Like that spot that you slipped and fell on dog poo. Or the late-night food shop decorated with stock photos where you first discovered fries smothered in vinegar.


  • Getting one step closer to witnessing the other dimensions of your loved ones rather than communicating through a screen of pixels.


  • Being able to incorporate phrases like “having the craic” and “yer man” overwhelmingly into your daily prose and consequently sounding extremely worldly and cool.


  • Returning to your home where people are much less friendly therefore not having to feel socially inept for not being capable of competing with that level of conversational fluidity.


  • Not having to worry about another emotional goodbye to your soon-to-be long distance beautiful friends for a while.


So long, Dublin. It’s been such a drag.

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