Predeparture: The Ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List for Nantes, France

Micah Doctolero
August 30, 2021

School. School taught in another language. School taught in another language in a foreign country. What even is study abroad? This a question that has been stuck in my thoughts as my departure slowly creeps closer…As of writing this piece, there’s 32 hours 11 minutes and 30 seconds—now 29 seconds—before I’m flying halfway around the world for study abroad. This has always been on my bucket list, and now I’m finally going to check this one off. 

But who says that something on your bucket list can’t have it’s own bucket list? Study abroad isn’t just school or school taught in another language or school taught in another language in a foreign country— at least not for me. Study abroad is what you make of the opportunity to travel to faraway places, try new foods, connect with all types of people, and yes…learn something while you’re there. Here’s to one check down and a whole bucket list to go— the ULTIMATE study abroad bucket list!

Micah Doctolero

<p>My name is Micah Doctolero and I'm studying in Nantes, France during the Fall 2021 semester. I'm a first-generation college student studying French and Management Information Systems (MIS) at Santa Clara University. Exploring the outdoors, whether the beach or the mountains is one of my favorite pastimes back home in California. I'm a 20-year old with a knack for discovering new places and meeting new people!</p>

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