Goodbye February, Hello March

Micah Castle
March 4, 2014

Tomorrow starts a new month here in Freiburg, and hopefully with the change in the month comes a more permanent change in the weather. I would love for Freiburg to warm up and a bit and for the sun to set later. I’m definitely ready for summer, or even spring. Although the other day I went wandering around the nearby lake, and it most certainly felt like springtime.

Classes have finally started! Well, by classes I mean a language intensive class that is FOUR hours long. I’m pretty sure that’s a bit excessive, although if it improves my very poor German skills, then I guess I’m a fan! In the very least, having a class to go to everyday and homework to complete gives me something to do during the mornings and afternoons. It’s nice to have some sort of a schedule.

In two days time, I’ll be exploring a whole new country! (even if it’s just for a day). We are going hiking in the Swiss Alps, and I think I’m more excited about saying I’ve been to Switzerland than actually hiking. Although we do get to take a gondola ride back down the Alps, which sounds way more exciting than hiking.

I’m off to bed now, but enjoy the lake pictures! I’m pretty proud of them myself :)

Micah Castle

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