Where to Eat and Shop in Rome

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Mia Anzalone
December 10, 2022
Two students holding large gelato cones on the streets of Rome.

Rome is a city that is full of hidden gems for food and shopping. At first, it was really easy to get caught in tourist traps with their English menus or attractive pictures of food; but after a while, I learned that the best places to eat either require a reservation or are off the beaten path, and the best places to shop require a little research. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the dirty work this semester and have narrowed down my top places to eat and shop!



This is hands down the best gelato I’ve ever had. You can see the gelato while deciding which flavor to get, plus they fill the cone with either dark chocolate or pistacchio chocolate (I recommend the pistacchio). My favorite flavors are frutti rossi and crema della nonna.

Gelateria La Romana

If you’re looking for bold flavors for your gelato, this is the place to go. They have multiple locations around Rome, so it’s safe to say I was always conveniently near one of their stores. My favorite flavors are biscotti della nonna, crema, and strawberry. But, they also have monthly flavors that are amazing.


Osteria da Fortunata

Located in Campo de Fiori, this restaurant has all of the famous Roman pastas. It’s my favorite place to get an Amatriciana. You can also watch the pasta being made if you sit in the right spot outside. It’s best to make a reservation in advance to ensure you have a table.

Ercoli Trastevere

Ercoli is the place to go for quality pasta if you want to be adventurous! They serve all of the classic Roman pastas, but also have some of their own creations as well. I loved the french butter pasta with anchovies. They also have an amazing wine selection and great meat and cheese boards to choose from if you just want an aperitivo.


Proloco Trastevere

Whenever I want pizza for dinner, this is the place my friends and I love. Located in Trastevere, it’s an affordable restaurant with pasta and pizza, but I personally think this might be the best pizza I’ve had in Rome. I love the Monti Lepini pizza with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and prosciutto. 

Vintage Shopping

Humana Vintage

You can actually find Humanas all over Europe, but there’s a few locations right here in Rome. I’ve gotten most of my clothing from this store—it’s all secondhand, but very reasonably priced and good quality. All of their items also change with the season, so it’s a great place to rely on if you’re needing new clothes for the change in weather.

Twice Vintage

This spot is a uniquely Roman vintage store in Trastevere. It’s a little more pricey because of the quality of the products. They sell designer brand vintage items, but also unique souvenirs as well. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s a fun little shop that’s worth the visit. 

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