Some Initial Thoughts

Meredith Wadsworth
January 17, 2015
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

As with every new city one encounters, there are some things about the qualities, characteristics, and culture that you notice right off the bat. There are other things that remain a mystery, only to be revealed to those who stay long enough and immerse themselves deeply enough to deserve such enlightenment. I can only hope to be enlightened and welcomed into the Italian community by the end of my time here, but for now I can acknowledge those initial observations and accept the fact that I speak the language at the rate of a child– a child just learning to talk, not even in school yet. Actually, a child just learning to talk probably speaks Italian better than I do. But if you need me to ask someone their name, I’m your girl. Como ti chiami? 

Some initial thoughts on Milan:

1. They don’t do any sort of American coffee. A caffe americano is an espresso with water on the side to dilute it. Sorry, not the same. Thankfully there is the godsend Arnold Coffee, which is very much an Italian Starbucks, but they are the only place where you can be sure of what you are ordering.

2. Natural beauty is everything. By all means, wear that hot pink fur coat and wide-brimmed felt hat with a silky scarf for good measure, but when it comes to makeup and hair, au natural is the way to go. Embrace your face!!

3. Nightlife is busiest on Thursday and Saturday, much like at school, but Friday is still hip and happening. They tend to take “late night” to the extreme, often staying out until 4 am. Your late-night drunchies may as well be breakfast.

On that note, that is all I can recall as I write this, still in bed at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. But I will add to the list as thoughts come to me.

Here is the outfit I wore on IES president Roberto's guided tour around Milan’s fashion, financial and historic districts. Did you know that "Milano" stands for a "partially haired sow"? Fun fact for your day. As for the shopping here, I have already fallen victim. Guilty as charged. But the post-holiday sales right now are amazing and still going strong. Not to mention the dollar to euro exchange rate is nearly 1:1 right now, so basically the shopping gods are telling me to roll out that dough. I wouldn’t want to be rude…

Time to be a real person and get out of bed. Ciao for now!

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