Refashioning Your Perspective

Meredith Wadsworth
April 16, 2015

If you asked me how my day was, my immediate answer would probably be one of the usual, “fine, thanks,” “it was good,” “couldn’t complain,” etc. I woke up around 10:30 and worked out, picked up some groceries for breakfast, ate said breakfast, showered, did some laundry, got dressed, ran an errand, ate lunch, and it’s about quarter to 6:00 pm as I write this. Sounds like a pretty basic day, right?

And it was. But add in details, put a different perspective on it, and what seems mediocre would actually sound like the most heavenly day possible if I were back in Charlottesville– or any number of other places, for that matter.

I woke up after a solid night’s sleep, and it was so beautiful out that I went to go jog and exercise in the nearby park. Families and dogs and other fitness lovers were all over the place, and it was simply splendid. I then went to the organic food store on my way back and got some milk and a half dozen bananas at half price because they were browning (read: at their peak point of flavorfulness). Once home I prepared my favorite breakfast of oats cooked with soy milk, topped with yogurt and a mix of fruit. Perfection. I then threw my laundry in the wash while I took a relaxing shower and pampered my skin, dry from yesterday’s travels. I proceeded to get dressed in shorts and a tee shirt since it was so glorious out, and topped off the look with my new tassle necklace I bought after visiting the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It was a spotted-on-the-way-out purchase, and it is just what I’ve been looking for!


Shirt from Urban Outfitters, DIY destroyed denim shorts, Necklace from Victoria & Albert Museum Gift Shop 

I then walked to the Duomo to make an exchange at H&M (word to the wise: most of your fave fast fashion stores will only accept exchanges made on the spot. No refund. No store credit. Niente.). I found an adorable black and white top that will be featured here soon. I then popped over to my absolute favorite lunch spot called Juice Bar and grabbed a lentil-edamame-salmon pot and yogurt parfait to-go. I took my lunch to the steps of the Duomo where I sat, warmed by the sun, and people watched for a full hour. I was in solitude, but not isolated. I was alone, but amongst the biggest crowd there is in Milan. It was wonderful.

See? The very same day, recounted only slightly differently when we stop to consider the details, can make such an impact on your attitude and appreciation. This is not the only day I have had like this, in Milan or anywhere; I have had many. But sometimes I admit that I don’t stop to think about how lovely these kinds of days really are, until I’m having a day where it’s raining and my internet won’t work and I have a 10 page paper to write and I don’t even have the textbook and my fridge is empty. Because on those days, I don’t long for a grand trip to Hawaii or an expensive dinner in the city, or something else extravagant. I long for the simple days where everything just works and I am on no one’s schedule but my own.

So next time someone asks you how your day was and you shrug and say, “it was alright,” give it another moments thought and just see… There’s a good chance it was incredible.




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