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Jan 13 10:59am

On Packing // Spiraling // Queerness // & COVID-19

Post by Anna Sverclova

Today, I bought 5 bottles of sunscreen.
I can’t stop frantically checking the packing list // my backpack // my suitcase // the pile of
clothes I have crammed in the corner for “later”–
           & I am realizing “later” is three days away.

Jan 12 10:43am

I Went to Six FC Nantes Matches During My Semester Abroad

Post by Amanda Carrier

During my time in France, I found myself going back to the local stadium again and again to watch FC Nantes play. I enjoyed it so much that I went to six matches, and I definitely consider myself a fan of the team now!

Jan 11 8:15pm

Back to Reality: Processing and Reflecting on a Semester Abroad

Post by Samuel Meyer

As the plane left the ground from Heathrow headed across the Atlantic, I cried. Of course, I was incredibly sad that my study abroad adventure had come to an end, but my tears were much more complex than that.

Jan 10 10:26pm

Final Reflection: How Life Feels Different After You’ve Studied Abroad

The differences between Europe, in my case Amsterdam, and the United States are immensely vast. Life is different, people are different, places are different, culture is different, food is different. The U.S. that I entered two and half years ago compared to the U.S.

Jan 10 3:06pm

Preparing for Nantes, France!

Post by Emily Macdonald

A few days before I left for Nantes, France for the IES Abroad Nantes French Language Immersion and Area Studies program, I made a video discussing how I had been preparing.

Jan 9 6:20pm

The Truth About Life After Abroad

Post by Clare Hogan

Being back in South Carolina after traveling around France for a semester has been…interesting. I don’t have another adjective to really describe it, honestly. It hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t been the most fun, either.