How Are You Going?

Melanie Bracht
February 24, 2014

My ankles are sore and I have blisters on my feet; sun kissed cheeks and a camera full of new pictures. It has been a long day with lots of waiting and stress, but also a wonderful day during which I finally arrived in Sydney and had time to explore. It all began with a six hour flight from Charlotte to San Francisco, then one hour layover, and fourteen hours to Sydney. My luggages were overweight, I was the last person on and off the planes, and the large jumbo jet did not have personal tvs. Upon arrival it took me two hours to get to my hotel and then two more hours to get into my room. Technically it has been more than a day, but with the 16 hour time change and arriving at 8 am it feels like one long ongoing journey since I left home. After the best shower I’ve ever taken, I decided to walk to the Sydney Opera House. I saw the Darling Harbour Bridge and walked in the Botanic Gardens. After a quick lunch I walked another few hours to the University of Sydney and checked out the campus. It was hot and my feet ached with each mile, but I was too excited to stop and too overwhelmed to be tired. The best way to get to know a place is to walk, get lost, and walk some more. By 6 o’clock I finally made it back to the hotel room and am now about to crash (it’s 9).

I learned a lot today.

1. I can survive a long trip with too much luggage, tight connections, and constant time changes on my own.

2. Yes, Australians drive on the left side of the road, but did you know that they also walk on the left side (meaning they lean left when passing people on the street)? They go left, I go my right and we share the awkward “how am I going to get past you” moment.                                                                                     Much needed guidance

3. Sydney has a rhino statue every few blocks.

                                                                                    Beautiful, but… why?

4. The Sydney Opera House is right beside the Royal Botanic Gardens which makes for a beautiful afternoon out.

5. Australians ask “How are you going?” To that I have already answered “to the opera house… I mean good, I’m good”


Tomorrow I move into the University Village and meet my roommates and then orientation week begins!

A beautiful campus!

I am going fine…well, how about you?

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Melanie Bracht

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