French Music: My Top Recommendations

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Megan Hayhurst
December 13, 2023

If you’re trying to learn a new language, listening to music in that language is helpful. Fortunately, being the student that lives the farthest from the IES Abroad Nantes Center, I’ve been gifted with a 30-minute busride to and from the Center; the perfect opportunity for me to get lost in the sea of French music. These are my top French songs (and quotes from those songs) that I’ve been listening to during my commute, in the library, and on my way to the Kebob store. 


  1. Drôle de vie by chien noir 

    « La vie est belle, oh mon amour, je sais / Les vies nouvelles, c'est tous les jours »

    My absolute favorite. This song has an upbeat rhythm with a hint of folk-rock. The singer’s voice feels deep and emotional, which creates a bittersweet melody. The song speaks to the constantly changing and unpredictable nature of life from a more light-hearted perspective. Easy to dance to.  

  2. Beaux by chien noir

    « parfois j’te cherche sans te trouver / Alors j’te trouve sans te chercher »

    This song is an ode to resilience and highlights the innate beauty that each person holds. The lyrics serve as a reminder to cherish life’s unpredictable journey. The rhythm is upbeat and hopeful.

  3. La nuit by Piedbois

    « Je déambule en plein Paris / Sur les boulevards tombe la pluie / Et moi je danse à l'infini »

    Memories, dreams and desires intertwined into a poetic dance. Dark and mysterious, this song describes unspoken feelings and a longing for someone who isn’t there. The slow, dark, nostalgic rhythm captures the sense of longing and solitude portrayed by the lyrics.  

  4. Arc-en-ciel by polo & pan

    « Que c'est beau, sensationnel / De vivre là-haut sous une pluie torrentielle »

    This one has a strong, consistent rhythm coupled with abstract language to create an ethereal song. It’s a type of electro-pop that works well with the lyrics to create a motivating, upbeat song.  

  5. Six heures du matin by Laurie Darmon 

    « Elle vit la nuit, parfois le jour / Sape l'amour pas les amis »

    Upbeat, care-free and spontaneous. This song captures the thrill of being young and spontaneous, radiating a sense of freedom and adventure.  

  6. Ceux qui rêvent by Pomme 

    « Ah je ne dors pas / Et puis passé minuit je danse / Au rythme des tachycardies »

    A haunting ballad with emotional depth. This is a slow and emotional song with dynamics that mirror the emotions present within the music. It’s like poetry.  

  7. La Seine by Matthieu Chedid and Vanessa Paradis

    « Sur le Pont des Arts (mon cœur vacille) / Entre deux eaux (l'air est si bon) »

    Acoustic and lively, this song 's rhythm captures the romantic and joyful essence of its lyrics. The song captures the initial rush of adrenaline that love brings about. 

Don’t forget to add these to your playlist! 

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