A Typical Day in Milan

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Max Leo
October 28, 2018
Il Duomo di Milano

My schedule tends to be a little busier than most other students’. I am taking 15 credits, working 18 hours a week and I live in a homestay that requires a 30-45 minute commute to almost anywhere in the city. Here is an outline of a typical Tuesday for me (one of my busier days).

7:00 I wake up, shower, get ready for my day and have breakfast

8:00 I leave my apartment and walk 10 minutes to the 91 bus stop, take the bus for 15 minutes, then take the green line metro for another 10 minutes and then walk 5 minutes to IES Abroad. I'll usually stop at a bar (coffee shop) along the way and grab a cappuccino.

9:00 I have my Italian class for an hour and a half. My class has 13 students, and we spend a lot of time talking and doing interactive activities.

10:40 I have my Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies class. This class is co-taught by a marketing consultant and the director of a fashion institute in Milan. The professors switch off based on what content will be covered in class that day. We talk about different country’s fashion models and business models of luxury companies in different sectors.

12:25 I have a short break to grab lunch and will usually walk to somewhere nearby to grab a panino.

1:00 I have my Managing ‘Made in Italy’ Companies class. This class is co-taught by the same professors as my earlier class, but we talk more about the design process and production specific to Italy.

2:45 I take the 94 bus for 10 minutes from IES Abroad to my internship. I am working at a luxury menswear accessories company that makes pocket squares and neckties. I write blogs, send out newsletters, and help with management decisions.

6:00 I take the 94 bus back to IES Abroad for my internship seminar class. We learn about Italian cultural norms and work with each other to try and understand and move through the struggles that we are facing at our internships.

8:00 I take the 94 and then 61 buses to get home.

9:00 I have dinner with my host family, and we talk about each other’s days. The conversation alternates between Italian and English.

11:00 I finish up homework and head to bed.

While I am very busy from Monday to Thursday, I have most Fridays off and every Saturday and Sunday are free. Choosing to do an internship while taking classes has been stressful at times, but I also understand the fashion industry much better now and am grateful that I have had the opportunity to truly immerse myself in the fashion world while living in the fashion capital of the world.

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